Saskatoon Workshops

Cultivating the Ability of Self-Care When Art Making – Loretta Iris  

Thursday, October 19
1:30 – 4:00
The Open Storefront – Confederation Mall

Sometimes, it can be difficult to see a work of art through to the end of its creation. We may become unclear, asking ourselves, “Why do it?” When that question, and others are asked in the context of the varying abilities, barriers to access or resources and unique project management that Artists of Ability utilize, art-making can become disconnecting, obscure or just plain grind to a halt leaving us silently yelling for, “Help!!”

In this workshop, Loretta Iris invites us to gather and explore, through hands on exercises and humor, a means* of generating and sustaining energy when creating art pieces. Together, we will learn and identify the basic intention(s), feelings and needs behind the stages of and overall work we wish to create, as a touchstone of care for the self. In this way, our response to our art making will have a sense of deeper clarity, focus, flow and personal authenticity. This self-generated inspiration often results in fun, joy and liberation to our work.

You are invited to bring your own existing fine art supplies, dance movement, musical composition iterations etc. or access the provided basic drawing/sculpting brainstorm supplies (modelling clay, glue, pencils and pencil crayons etc.)  to use in practice exercises to discover the needs inside the work you wish to or are creating. Come-join the fun of this exploration!

*Loretta is grateful for Marshall Rosenberg’s work, “Nonviolent Communication-A Language of Life” which is explored and integrated into this workshop. 

About Loretta Iris

Loretta Iris is a Canadian born artist, who works mainly in sculpture, drawing, and painting.  Loretta’s work often addresses interpersonal relationships and social or cultural issues. She focuses her work through layering and deep research, with a core elemental component of creating resolution. Loretta creates in harmony with her abilities, expressing the silent dimensions between things and people that are not visible.  Their consistent exploration of this “third conversation” clarifies or creates spaces of connection.

Creative Writing – Lynda Monahan

Friday, October 20
1:30 – 4:00
The Open Storefront – Confederation Mall

 So you’ve always wanted to write. Maybe you have this great idea for a story. No better time than now to start! It is true that we learn to write by writing. But there are several techniques you can learn about the craft of writing.  Join us in this beginning creative writing workshop designed to help you learn the basics.

Lynda’s approach to teaching creative writing involves encouraging participants to write about what matters most to them, what they care about, what obsesses them. Lynda talks about where good writing comes from and helps students understand that each of them has a story worth telling.

Lynda’s workshops consist of several writing exercises designed to get participants writing both in and out-of-class. Participants will discuss such topics as how to critique, the importance of revision, music in writing, “dense” vs ”thin” writing, integrity and courage in writing, and the importance of writing “close to the bone.”  She will introduce techniques such as the use of sensory images, description and detail  – ways to make writing come alive on the page.

Lynda says, “My focus is to keep workshops fun and informal – a positive learning experience where writers come away encouraged and enthused about their writing.”

About Lynda Monahan

Lynda Monahan is the author of three collections of poetry, A Slow Dance in the Flames, What My Body Knows, (Coteau Books) and Verge (Guernica Editions).

She facilitates a number of creative writing workshops and has been writer-in-residence at St. Peter’s College facilitated retreat, Balfour Collegiate in Regina and writer-in-residence at the Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She is editor of several collections including Second Chances: stories of brain injury survivors, Skating in the Exit Light, a poetry anthology, and With Just One Reach of Hands, an anthology of the writing of the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Writing For Your Life group, which she also facilitates.

She has served on the council for the League of Canadian Poets, Sage Hill Writing Experience and the Saskatchewan Writers Guild. In 2012, she was given the honor of receiving a Prince Albert Women of Distinction Award and in 2016 was inducted into the Prince Albert Arts Hall of Fame for her contributions to the literary arts in her community.

Loom Knitting – Darlene Fast

Saturday, October 21st
10:00am – Noon
The Open Storefront – Confederation Mall

Learning to knit has never been so easy! Darlene will demonstrate how to knit on a round and rectangular loom. Workshop participants will then be invited to collaborate by adding to one long scarf. How many feet can we knit in 2 hours?

Come drop in for a few minutes, or stay for two hours. Add to our collaborative scarf, then try starting and finishing a small project. Darlene will teach participants how cast on, knit using the loom, and finish off a project.

All materials are provided. If you have a loom and want to learn how to use it, bring it by to start something new.

About Darlene Fast

Hi I’m Darlene. I’m a loom knitter and enjoy crocheting. I predominately knit scarves, hats and blankets. I like working with baby yarn and worsted yarn because of the texture. Creating things for other people to enjoy give me a sense of wellbeing.

I grew up on a farm in the Dalmeny area and when I was 18 I moved to Saskatoon. I grew up learning how to knit and crochet from the women in my family. My mom and aunt were always knitting, crocheting, quilt making and making latched rugs.  I’d like to show everyone that loom knitting is pretty easy.