Regina Workshops

Theatre, Voice & Movement – Listen to Dis’ Community Theatre

Thursday, October 19
1:30 – 4:00
The Artesian on 13th Avenue

In this workshop, Listen to Dis’ artists will lead participants through a series of exercises and discussions surrounding what it means to work as an inclusive devised theatre company, how such a thing happens, and how those attending can incorporate the lessons learned by the members of the company and the organization into their own lives.

About Listen to Dis’ and The Other Ordinary Theatre Group

The Other Ordinary is a group of artists supported by Listen to Dis’ Community Arts Organization Inc., that began as a result of a class at the University of Regina entitled Devising Inclusive Theatre.  Since then, the company has grown under Listen to Dis’ Community Arts and its artistic director, Traci Foster, to bring disability-led disability art initiatives and performances to the people of Saskatchewan.

For more about the company and the organization, please visit

Letting the Light In – Kevin MacKenzie

Friday, October 20
1:30 – 4:00
Wascana Rehabilitation Centre

Storyteller Kevin MacKenzie will draw from his career and from his lived experience in this workshop about storytelling, connecting, and working with mental illness instead of against it.

It is cliché to say that each of us is unique and that our uniqueness is our strength. It is cliché because is the truth.  Letting the light in is a workshop to help you reframe your view of yourself as an artist. We will help each other to rely on authenticity, vulnerability and trust in order to make friends with fear.  Our stories will be the vessel.

About Kevin MacKenzie

For the last 18 years Canadian storyteller, public speaker and educator Kevin MacKenzie has entertained and given workshops to tens of thousands of individuals around the world.  Some of them even liked it!  For more, go to Stories By Kevin.

Inspiration/Activation – Lori Sutherland (and gallery facilitator)

Saturday, October 21
1:00 – 4:30
MacKenzie Art Gallery

This interactive workshop will incorporate a tour of the gallery by MacKenzie staff, during which participants will be encouraged to think about what art means to them, what inspires them, and what it is to make and consume art.

Following the tour, Lori will share techniques and methods through which participants can move from inspiration to action in order to begin to create their own original works, either visually, or through the medium of their choice.

About Lori Sutherland

Lori Sutherland has a B.A. in Art/Drama and a BEAD from the University of Regina.  She has taught art in high schools in Saskatchewan, and has facilitated numerous workshops.  She has explored the creative process in many mediums over the years.  Lori says, “By using the elements of art in my garden I have created a living art form.  Most recently I am working in encaustic/collage/mixed media.”